Chrissy - in the scarf club - part 1

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Crissy is coming back from shopping – she finds a letter but she is so excitet of the new scarves and clothes that she first is going to try and watch how it feels to be a vip lady, wearing scarves in different styles.

after a while she is reading the member – and that is a invitation to the most exclusive scarf club hollywoods. She is calling her best girlfriend and tells her this lovely story. She is inveted for next friday for a first party. For that she has to prepare 5 scarves and 2 ropes. And she has to dress very elegant and – of course – wear an elegant scarf.

on friday evening she is ready for the driver who gets her from home. The driver tells her, that he has to blindfold her, because she don’t have to know where the scarf-club meeting is. She is happy with that, but after a while the driver is tying her – and then a gag follows. With that Crissy is absolutely not happy, but it is to late. She sits there, blindfolded, gagged and bound and she has to wait, until the driver is coming back.


Full video – about 30 mins – about 1.3 GB to download – MP4 Format

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