Ariel - not my friend

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Ariel is ready to go to party – she is wearing her lovely party-skirt and preparing the scarf she wants to wear. She is very happy with her outfit.

Her friend Lory is also ready with a wonderful black long silky party-dress – but she doesn’t want to have ariel with her. So she decides to “leave ariel at home” – for that Lory is going to tie up Ariel with ropes.

But that is not enough – there are ar lot of scarves around and Lory takes the chance to play with the scarves and use them for Ariel. Not only as Neckscarf, but also as gag, blindfold and neckscarf.

At the end Ariel is fully tied up, gagged and blindfolded and Lory enjoyes going allone to the party ….

A MUST for silk scarf lovers.

Full video – about 20 mins – about 1 GB to download – MP4 Format – be patient during download!