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Manuela BeglerNovember 17, 20181 comment and silkbound Manu new on youtube

We opened a youtube channel for all fans of silk-scarves. We show small clips with pictures of ladies wearing scarves and parts of our clips.

Unforunately youtube does not allow clips with bondage scenes. So we are limtied to all scenes with neckscarves or headscarves or our ladies playing around with their lovely scarves. 

we are sure, our followers will love this channel.

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VIMEO: We have another video-Channel which allows (until today) the publication of bondage clips. We are using the vimeo Channel to show you previews of our clips and you will see short intros of our full-version-clips on our shop.

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ScarfWolfi on April 18, 2019

Hello, You speak German? I Wolfi from Wolfibound.

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