new communication and social-media channels

new communication and social-media channels

new communication and social-media channels

bad news for all scarf-lovers:

Facebook just closed our page - more than 3000 followers
Instagram closed our page some weeks ago - about 2000 followers
Pinterest closed our page some months ago - about 1000 followers

That is the strategy of big social media players.

silk-bound's clips and pictures included always ladies in distress, in situations where they have been bound and gagged, but always in elegant clothes. Situation than everybody can see daybyday in televisions docu-soap's, films, thrillers or action films. Even in comics for kids there are some people beeing kidnapped! 

And now the big players in Social Media decide, that this content has not to be published because of some company-restrictions ......... ;-(( .... of course without announcement.

So some thousands of followers, built up with hard work over years are destroyed within one day ...!

We have decided to publish only on our own channel/blog. You will get NEWS from - nice pictures, nice clips and lot of more information for scarflovers, sarf fans and alle people who are loving scarf-bondage - in weekly updates.

Just follow our blog:

or register to the newsletter - then you will get a quick email-reminder when there are news on our blog!

YOUTUBE: We built up a Youtube-Channel for silk-lovers. On this channel we publish some nice clips from ladies wearing scarves in different ways. Youtube does not allow bondage scenes, so we wont do it!

Register our youtube Channel:

VIMEO: We have another video-Channel which allows (until today) the publication of bondage clips. We are using the vimeo Channel to show you previews of our clips and you will see short intros of our full-version-clips on our shop.

Register our VIMEO Channel:

And of course we are sending you some regular Newsletter, when we have new Clips on our Website. Just register here to follow us.

THANK YOUR for understanding - but this is the only way


Manuela and Team







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