Bedtied in Silk - with Alexandra and Andrea
2 scarf ladies attacked by an electrician

CHRISSY kidnapped in silk fashion

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another clip with the cute "captive chrissy" - first she tries out how to wear different scarves - as neck scarf, headscarf or wonderful as hear-band.

After a ride in a convertible with a neck scarf and a wonderful blue headscarf she arrives in a shop, where she is going to change the scarf.

Meanwhile her "double" has been chloroformed, bound and gagged with scarves. 

In this clip you will found a lot of scenes with a cutie scarf-lady, wearing scarves, a silken blouse and a leather mini-skirt. There is lot of fashion scenes in the clip. A wonderful video for scarf-fetishist and lovers of ladies wearing scarves in different styles.

Chrissy is one of the most wonderful models in the fetish-scene. Enjoy this clip with her.

This clip has an exclusive duration of 34 min!

Download MP4-File, 1.6 GB

This is an absolut MUST for all scarf lovers and scarf fetishists!





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