Ashley Lane - silenced lady with scarfgags, blindfolds and headscarves

"BUY 1 GET 3" - scarf sales woman in trouble

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Type: clip

You get about 50 mins of really beautiful scarf-bondage with Catie wearing an elegant office outfit with a red silk blouse and a black skirt with lots of scarves as accessoir.

This is a special Promotion - if you buy this product, you will pay for 1 clip and get the following:

  • "Making of" - Clip with making of scenes - Duration: 6 mins
  • "Scarf Sales - PART 1" - Catie arriving and will be bound to chair - Duration: 23 mins
  • "Scarf Sales - PART 2" - Catie will have some problems because she is bound and gagged for a long time - Duration: 22 mins

Catie is a successful scarf sales women – but – she is in trouble. An intruder has kidnapped catie and brings her to a unknown place, where she will be tied to a chair.

Her kidnapper takes lots of pictures of her with different scarves. He wants to sell these expensive scarves because he can get out lot of monney out of her beautiful scarf collection. While she ist bound strongly to their chair, she is not able to get help.

Before the kidnapper is going to sell the scarves he is tying her up better and stronger – and – she will be gagged also. During the time he is out she is not able to call for help or to get away of her uncomfortable situation.

After a while the intruder comes back – he sold out all her scarves – he is going to blindfold her and put her a second gag over her mouth – and that is the moment he brings her back and let her free.

This download consists of 3 parts - in total about 50 mins of wonderful scarf bondage!

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