2 ladies are playing around with silk scarves
Ramona tied in a wipe!

IRISH – foreigner scarf salesman

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Type: clip

This clip was written and directed by the model IRISH herself.

Irish is at home when it rings at the door. She is going to open it and a gentle salesman announces her, that he has beautiful scarves for salen. Irish lets him enter the room and he shows her the collection of scarves.  She trys some scarves and she loves them. The salesman propose her, that they are really strong and he wants to show her the quality of the scarves by tying her with one of them. That is the error!

Irish will be tied completely with different scarves. A gag will be added and so she is really helpless. She try to escape, but she has no chance. At the end she will be blindfolded, gagged and the salesman leaves her alone.

Full video – about 25 mins – about 1 GB to download – MP4 Format