Cora Chairtied, gagged and blindfolded

Carlotta – silk-scarves hostage

Type: clip

Carlotta is entering a room and searching for important documents. She is looking around for the documents to copy them. After a while she is detecting nice silk-scarves. She wants to try out the scarves and she is knotting a lovely scarf around here neck. She doesn’t see the intruder coming from back and chloroforming her.

She finds herself tied – with hands up in a door with a nice white silky dress. She looks beautiful in this dress. The intruder shows here different things to do with a silk-scarf, like gagging and blindfolding her, binding her a headscarf etc. – She has no chance to escape.

After a while she is sitting – tied her hands on the back – and the game is beginning again. We are sure, Carlotta is not forgetting this day – but maybe, and we hope so, she is loving the scarves as a stylish accessory.

Checkout the video and you will see.

Full video – about 30 mins – about 1.2 GB to download – MP4 Format – be patient during download! 

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