Alexandra's private scarf-girl, silkbondage, headscarf

Bedtied in Silk - with Alexandra and Andrea

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Type: clip

Alexandra is playing with Andrea - both wearing a wonderful silken nightgown! They start to play together until Alex is making Andrea a sleep. She is going to tie Andrea with 2 wonderful scarves to the  bed and then gagging her with another silk scarf.

She is going to play again with tied Andrea, but she is not very happy about this. After tying her feed also to the bed Alex is very happy to have a wonderful tied silken girl.

But after a while Alex is going to be chloroformed from an intruder and finds herself tied on the bed. After being blindfolded and gagged, again with silken scarves, Alex finds herself together with Andrea on the bed.

2 wonderful girls wearing silken outfits, bound and gagged with scarves.

A must have for all lovers of silken scarves.

Full length of phantastic 22 Minutes.

be patient on download, about clip is about 2 GB


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